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Free codec pack for DivX and XviD files


  • Has most codecs you might need


  • Not at all user friendly

Not bad

FFDshow is a collection of video and audio codecs, allowing you to run almost all types of video and audio files, from DivX and XviD to MPEG 2 files.

As well as the various codecs, there are also playback filters to alter the quality of your files. If you are lookking for a collection of these codecs, FFDShow is a great place to look.

For the regular PC user, it's very unlikely you'll need to use such an application, as video and audio files are becoming more standardized. However, FFDShow is a pretty deep program, and if you're comfortable changing the playback settings for your media player, this gives you a lot of power.

What it doesn't do is explain how it should be used - there is no help at all, and apparently no undo button, which makes changing settings if you're not comfortable quite nerve wracking.

As many media players are now very flexible when it comes to accepting different file types, these codec packs are becoming somewhat obsolete. However, if you are a fan of Media Player classic, and confident messing around with your system's settings, FFDShow will be perfect for you.

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ffdshow 4533.20140929

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